Hurricane Wheels Brushless Interface Mk1 Setup



  1. Attach the Hurricane Wheels Brushless gimbal interface to an ARCA compatible mount on your ball- or pan/tilt head. We recommend Novoflex Q=Mounts for this.

  2. If you are using the handwheels, attach the Novoflex QPL Plate on the Q=Mount on top of the interface box. Using the Sirui MP-20 Mounting Plates, you can attach the handwheels to the QPL. Ususally the right hand operates the tilt axis and the left axis operates the pan axis (about 90° to the tilt axis).
    IMPORTANT: Please connect all handwheels BEFORE powering the unit. If you decide to use the BGI as a pan/tilt interface , make sure the Roll axis handwheel is not connected.

  3. Connect the PPM cable to the PPM socket of the BGI and the trainer port on your RC TX.

  4. Power up the BGI by connecting a 12 V power supply to the XLR jack and switching the unit on with the power switch. The blue LED should light up.

  5. Make sure the gimbal rig can rotate freely or set appropriate limits in your gimbal controller software. We assume that your gimbal rig is balanced and set up properly.

  6. Center all potentiometers on the BGI (Pan, Tilt, Roll).

  7. Now switch your remote controller to Master and activate the trainer port. Please refer to the instruction manual of your remote controller how to do this.

  8. You will probably see your gimbal rig starting to rotate. Now press one of the buttons on the handwheels (does not matter which). The blue LED starts to flash. You are now in calibration mode.

  9. Turn the potentiometers carefully to trim the corresponding axis. Make sure the axis ceases to move completely. This is necessary to „zero“ the axis's. Please note that the roll axis behaves slightly different. With the roll axis the potentiometer is a positional controller, for pan and tilt the potentiometers control the speed and direction of the movement. We want both to be zero.

  10. When you are done calibrating, press one of the wheel buttons again. You are now ready to operate using the handwheels.

  11. If you need to trim again, just repeat steps 8-10. The trim settings are written to nonvolatile memory, so you should not need to trim after powercyling.

  12. The potentiometers control the „electronic gearing“ when not in calibration mode. Make sure you turn them all the way to the left when you first use the wheel to get a feel for it.

  13. You might have to adjust the settings of your gimbal. We can supply you with a .cfg file for Mövi gimbal rigs or settings for an Alexmos based system.

Channel Mapping is: Tilt: 1 , Pan : 2, Roll: 4  (Mode 2)

If you are using a Mövi M5/10, do not touch ch. 6 as this configures remote mode.


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