Hurricane Wheels - which product is best for me ?

We have two versions of the Hurricane Wheels Brushless Gimbal Interface, Mk1 & Mk2.

While Mk1 is a modular approach with numerous configuration options that uses the existing RC transmitter to interface to the gimbal, MK2 is a rather straightforward designed big bulky box with a built in transmitter.

So which one is better ?

As usual, this is not an easy answer. If you want maximum configuration freedom, the Mk1 is probably better for you.

If you are allergic to cables - choose Mk2.

If you want the IMU option (for future panbar use) you have to stick with MK1 as Mk2 does not have that option (that's pretty much the only thing Mk2 does not offer vs. Mk1)

If you want to have direction switches for each axis at hand - only Mk2 has them.

If you want to work with the RC handheld controller every once in a while, Mk1 might be a better solution as you do not have to bind your gimbal to a different RC transmitter. If you have an Mk2, you will need to rebind the gimbal each time or pull the plug on the Mk2's receiver (for exapmple with the DJI Ronin).

If you are in doubt, please drop us a line at and we will get back to you asap.

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