Hurricane Wheels Brushless Gimbal Interface Firmware Update

The Hurricane Wheels BGRCI Mk1 and Mk2 work with almost any gimbal system on the market. Depending on what system you are using, you will need special firmware versions.

Please note that it is also dependent on which RC controller you are using (only Mk1). Some use positive modulation (version A), some use negative modulation (version B), some don't care. So if the PPM stream of the firmware version is not accepted by your RC, use the other one (A or B).

You can download a Mac update tool here:

You might need a driver, available here:

When you have installed the driver and web update tool and start it, it will download the most recent fimrware versions from the web.

Please note: even though the Update Tool downloads new firmware versions automatically when your computer is connected to the internet, it is bet practice to erase it from your hard drive and download the complete tool again for best results.

Then you need to choose the right COM port (usually the last in the list), the right device (Brushless gimbal interface box Mk1 or 2) and the firmware.

Then you press the update button and the firmware is flashed. If you have problems, you can have a look at the log window. If you contact us for support, please copy the contents of the log window into your request so we can assist you better.

Here' s short video tutorial:


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