DJI Ronin Recommended App Settings

In order to get maximum performance out of the Hurricane Wheels Brushless Gimbal Interface Mk2, you need to tweak some settings in your gimbal controller software, which is most likely the DJI Ronin Assistant app.

1. Start the DJI Assistant app and connect to the gimbal.

2. Change to control tab.

3. Select "Deadbands" and set Remote Operator deadband to 0 (You can set the onboard deadbands to zero as well). Don't forget to write the changes to the Ronin.

4. Select "Smoothing" and zero all values as well.

5. Select "Speed". Set to above 80 for best results. THis might take some trial and error. It's not a crucial value, so whatever works best is fine.

That's it...  you are done ;-)


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