DJI Ronin Firmware GCU 3.0 / IMU 1.0

On June 30th 2015 DJI released a firmware version for the DJI Ronin, that causes a major issue with the Hurricane Wheels Mk2 (1.version with integrated Futaba transmitter S/N up to 20005). After the upgrade to 3.0/1.0, the Ronin does not react to the Hurricane Wheels anymore, even though the receiver still seems to bind properly.

Two ways to solve this:

1. Use an external SBUS capable FASST receiver like the Futaba R6303 SB or Frsky TFR8 SB. Please note that the Ronin app does not display any readout in the Channels tab anymore, but the gimbal works just fine with an external receiver.

2. Do not update the Ronin firmware - this is not a recommended solution as the 1.0/3.0 update has some useful features like Silent mode etc.

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